Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring the Health and Safety of all Employees and Customers. With the Design and Maintenance of our facilities, safe storage and handling of petroleum products are put in place as preventive measures against environmental pollution and destruction of lives and properties, through strict compliance with construction and HSE Standards and Regulations.

Hazards are carefully and critically identified while risks are reduced as low as reasonably practicable. All employees, from those in the ‘High Risk Zones’ to those in the ‘Low Risk Zones’ of operations periodically undergo Safety and Fire Management trainings. Upon compliance with standards and regulations, periodic and sporadic Safety Audits are being carried out for continued compliance and identification of hazards. Incident Investigation Is however carried out if an accident or near-miss occurs for thorough analysis to prevent re-occurrence.

The Health, Safety and Security of our employees, customers and environment are not negotiable.

About Us

In 1980, our Managing Director Mrs. V. A. Samson started as a dealer under Texaco Nigeria Ltd. (now MRS Plc.) distinguished herself by winning the most priced Texaco Plc Best Dealer Award in sales, marketing innovativeness amongst others for the Latin American/West African Region. The BOVAS group was established in 1980 and started operations as an indigenous independent petroleum marketing company.