Welcome to a remarkable petroleum company from the heart of Africa to the World!
BOVAS fuelling Africa, sustaining the environment!
Our mission drives us to make petroleum resources available at all times and affordable in the communities we serve. We achieve this by producing remarkable petroleum products, building formidable teams and rendering excellent services.

We are in the business of providing oil, gas & energy solutions for our community and beyond. We do our best at all times to share our resources in ways that impact people and benefit the community, the continent and our planet. We are truly building a better tomorrow one step at a time.

We have been running strong since 1980 and we are not slowing down. Learn about how it all started and the great future we are forging for you.
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Some Recognitions
Dr. Maikanti Kachalla Baru, (NNPC GMD –left) recognised BOVAS Group and Dr. Victoria A. Samson (Managing Director, BOVAS Group –right) in 2018.
In 2018, the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Maikanti Kachalla Baru, applauded BOVAS Group for her transparency, integrity and reliable service delivery for consistently selling petroleum products at the official price.

BOVAS Group MD, Dr. Victoria A. Samson, was also appreciated for her exemplary work in helping the government.

Since 2014, BOVAS Group has been listed in the Top 100 Businesses in Nigeria.
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Our History
In Brief

A brief note about how we started and evolved into an energy company.
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Vision, Mission, Values & Creed

Learn about the principles and core values that define what we do at BOVAS.
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Our Awesome

See a list of the people behind the success story of BOVAS and the roles they play.

Our Services
& Products

See a list of our products and services that are tailored for your business and life.

Our History

BOVAS group was established in 1980 and started operations as an indigenous independent petroleum marketing company.

Mrs. Victoria Adunola Samson (MD, BOVAS Group) started as a dealer under Texaco Nigeria Ltd (now MRS Plc). She distinguished herself by winning the most prized Texaco Plc. Best Dealer Award in sales, marketing innovativeness amongst others for the Latin American/West African Region. She is the first Nigerian to win the highly competitive award for the highest sales in both regions combined.

BOVAS Group opened her first service station in Oshogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, in 1991. Ever since, a whole lot of amazing things have occurred.

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Creed

Learn about what drives us to do what we do in the way we get them accomplished.
Our Vision
To be a
household name in
petroleum products in
Nigeria and Africa.
Our Mission
To create an effective and efficient distribution network of service stations, operating with integrity, honesty, reliability and excellence.
Our Values

Doing Clients' Business

We exist because of the needs of our esteemed clients who rely on us.

Meeting Clients' Needs

Because the customer has a need, therefore we have a job to do.

Exceeding Expectations

Due to customers high expectations, we must offer excellence.

Preferred Clients' Choice

Because the customer has a choice, we must be the better choice.

Our Awesome & Team

Get to meet the awesome people who are behind the excellent things that we do.
Arc. B. O. Samson
Board Chairman

He sits on the board of numerous organisations such as Ibadan Chambers & Commerce Industry, Nigeria Association of Architects.
Dr. Victoria. A. Samson
Managing Director

The first Nigerian to win the highly competitive Texaco Latin America West Africa (LAWA) Award and the current Matron of IPMAN.
Temitope Samson
Executive Director

He is responsible for the overall planning, business implementation and performance delivery for the company.
Iwadola Samson
Executive Director

He is responsible for the overall production and strategic market injection of lube oils and other additives.

Our Services & Products

Learn about what drives us to do what we do in the way we get them accomplished.

Oil & Gas

We work with some notable refineries in Europe, North America and Asia to deliver premium products.

Oil & Gas
Bulk Storage

Our growing tank farms ensure that petroleum products are always available.

Lube Oils

We produce a range of premium lube products for both domestic and industrial applications.

Retail Service

Our we have a large and efficient network of oil and gas service stations across Nigeria.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

A brief note about how we started and evolved into an energy company.

BOVAS Foundation

See how we are making impact in our communities with our support.

Investor Relations

Get relevant information and insights about investments opportunities with us.

Press Centre


Get access to informative news and  stories from our blog and press releases.

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