At BOVAS, we are committed to providing better services for the growing population and our industrials customers. With our strategically positioned trailer park, which is the largest private trailer park in Nigeria and our large oil tank farms, we are well able to provide premium petroleum products on time all across the nation.
Our decades of work have uplifted them to a higher level of customer satisfaction by fulfilling all requirements in the best ways. We adhere to all government rules that will ensure the safe transport and haulage services.

We have been providing quality service for over 40 years. Our services are specially optimised to overcome the logistical problems customer’s might face.

Our drivers are qualified for haulage services and are well experienced, and extend their professional courtesy. We have all their vehicles equipped with satellite tracking facilities to ensure their tracking round the clock.
For further enquiries: Contact,
Head, Haulage,
Oluwafemi Abatan:
Telephone: +234-902-176-9376
E-mail: [email protected]