Tw0-Stroke Oils

Excellent and reliable oils for your two-stroke engines.

When it comes to great protection, power output, protection against oil deposits, pristine working condition of your engine and as well as issues associated with pre-ignition, you can absolutely trust our two-stroke engine oils to give you such assurances.
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BOVAS® Guard™ SAE-2T
BOVAS® Guard™ 2T, Air Cooled 2 Stroke Engine Oil (TC) is a low ash high performance lubricant designed for 2 stroke gasoline-powered engines. It combines a blend of high quality mineral high performance base oils with an advanced additive system to provide excellent engine cleanliness and no-smoke exhaust performance. It is pre-diluted to facilitate mixing when added to fuel, and is ideal for direct injection and pre-mix engines.
BOVAS® Guard™ SAE-Super-OB
BOVAS® Guard™ Super OB, Outboard Engine Oil (TC-W3) is developed for use in modern air-cooled 2-stroke boat engines, two-cycles, and water cooled outboard engines. It is formulated with a less ash additive and a special solvent that permits ready mixing with gasoline over a wide temperature range. It is developed to protect your engines against corrosion, wear and rust caused by salt water.

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