Employees Guide
This page helps you to understand our values and the things you need to know as you plan to begin a great future together with us at BOVAS Group. These values reflect what is important to the entire Group. They govern and direct our efforts, shape our culture as we evolve, determine how we use technology to bring about meaningful changes, and change alongside us as we aim for greater ambitious and audacious goals. Programmes such Interactive Meetings, Conferences, Feedback Systems and many more are examples of how our values affect our work at BOVAS Group.
Our Expectations

Act in a way that makes all of us proud

We are all in this together and everything you say and do, whether internally or publicly, reflects on us.

Be brave, curious and experiment – learn from all successes and failures

Take risks, make mistakes and get better - that’s how we learn, that's how we innovate and that's how we grow.

Exceed clients’ and colleagues’ expectations

Never settle for "good enough" when you know you can and should do better at your job or any task assigned to you.

Take ownership and constructively question the norm

Trust your wits and your knowledge based on undeniable facts, even if you need to question your team leader or the CEO.

Our Culture
Our culture supports our vision. We define it through our fundamental values, trusted relationships and high standards of work. This powerful combination lays the foundation for how we grew, our present development and future goals.

You will gain a better understanding of how our story began, where we are right now, what we are working towards and… why sticking to our company culture is more important than anything else. Our 45+ years of experience with over 1,500 direct employees and well over 10,000 indirect workers, whom we care about so deeply, is evidence that we are on the right path.


All about our story, values, our mission, our vision, organisational structure and strategy.


How we value teamwork and cooperate with each other to evolve and improve at our individual tasks.


Yourself on the job and take ownership of your job to become the best version of yourself.


Be inspired and inspire on how to create an exciting and innovative workplace of the future.
  • Learn about our vision, mission, values, organisational structure and strategy we adopt.
  • See the way we team up and cooperate together to achieve the company’s goals.
  • Discover yourself on the job to become the best version of yourself.
  • Get inspiration and also inspire on how to create an innovative workplace of the future.
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