Diesel Engine Oils

High- Performance & Superior Oils for your diesel-powered engines.

When it comes to superior quality and high performance diesel engine oils for your automotive and generators, you can rely on our products to deliver great performance and superior protection. Our products are well engineered and tested using international standards meticulously and precisely to ensure your engine works in optimum condition for a long period.
Go through our products line-up to learn more about each product to know which bests suits your car.
BOVAS® Deluxe™ SAE-15W/40 (CI-4)
BOVAS® Deluxe™ Extra Performance (CI-4) is an extra high performance diesel engine oil that provides excellent lubrication of today’s diesel engines promoting extended engine life. It reduces oil consumption in older engines, prevents soot and sludge formation on piston rings. It also increases engine power output and provides excellent protection against thermal breakdown.
BOVAS® Deluxe™ SAE-15W/40 (CH-4)
BOVAS® Deluxe™ Premium Heavy Duty (CH-4) is an extreme high performance diesel engine oil that provides excellent lubrication of diesel engines promoting increment in engine life. It gives outstanding performance in both modern, demanding low-emission diesel engines and older diesel engines operating on low or high sulphur fuel, with cleaner emissions.
BOVAS® Deluxe™ SAE-15W/40 (CF-4)
BOVAS® Deluxe™ Premium Heavy Duty (CF-4) is a high performance, heavy duty engine oil that provides proven protection to diesel engines operating in severe on and off-highway service applications. It exhibits good detergent and dispersant properties and a great capacity to neutralize acid, with extended oil change periods. This product is particularly suitable for large mixed fleets and can be used in diesel engines that are naturally aspirated and/or equipped with turbochargers.
BOVAS® Dura™ Heavy Duty (HD50) is specially formulated for moderate conditions, it has a good quality alkalinity reserve to neutralize the acidic effect of high sulphur fuel for diesel engines. It is recommended for use in a diesel turbocharged and normally aspirated engines, for vehicle, trucks, buses and earth moving equipment operating on/off road and high ways and for material handling machines, generators.
BOVAS® Dura™ Economy (HD40) is a s a monograde heavy duty diesel engine oil, manufactured from a high quality of base oil and selected additives to give excellent performance. It is for use in heavy duty diesel engines operating at high ambient temperatures. It delivers optimum protection against engine wear and corrosion for longer engine life. It also prevents formation of carbon deposits and sludge for cleaner engine.

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