The agents and distributors of BOVAS Group are a very important part of marketing and selling our wide range of products. We value our distributors highly and consider them an integral part of the BOVAS Group family. Without our partners and distributors, BOVAS Group would not have been able to grow to this size in a short while.

Becoming a distributor of BOVAS Group will subsequently give you access to our market knowledge of 45 years, superior products, The Lab’s testing facilities, continuous technical support from our R&D experts on various petroleum products industry as well as a path to new business opportunities allowing you and us to grow together.
There are great benefits for you to join us
  • Superior Quality: Excellent technical specifications and performance for all our products that will give you an edge in the market.
  • Customization: We can provide products tailored to your market’s or clients’ requirements.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We are ready to attend to your needs, even after business hours.
  • Great Price: Our products are affordable and we offer our distributors highly competitve prices to enable them make good profits.
  • Credit Facility: Our long-term distributors are offered suitable credit terms to help them grow their businesses.
  • Free Storage: Your products are stored for you up to 3 months free of charge.
In order to become a Distributor or an Agent, you have to meet these Conditions:
  • Sales Experience: Minimum 3 years of selling petroleum products or lubricants in your respective region. You will need to have a number salesmen that have already worked for top competitor brands in your region.
  • Technical Experience: It is important to have technical members on the team that already understand the petroleum and lubricant industry and it’s applications.
  • Marketing: Partner will need to have enough capital to finance the marketing campaigns in their region.
  • Network: Partner will need to have a solid network in their region that will allow them to participate in government tenders.
  • Minimum Order Quantities: In order to become an exclusive agent for a certain product, there will be monthly minimum order quantities to be met.

List of Distributors

Distributor name: Name of distributor
Contact Address:
Address of distributor
Phone: +233 xxx xxx xxxx
Distributor name: Name of distributor
Contact Address:
Address of distributor
Phone: +234 xxx xxx xxxx

Write to Us to become a Distributor

For further enquiries:
Call our Headquarters or send us an e-mail:
Telephone: +234-817-222-2817
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