Corporate Governance
Our company centres its operations around integrity, transparency and respect.
As part of our policy, we ensure we have people with the right skill set and experiences to match a job in order to deliver good results for the company. Our two Executive Directors we appointed were chosen because of the impact they have been making and the positive contributions that have made which have brought great results to the company over the years.
Directors will be more likely to make good decisions and maximise the opportunities for the company’s success because of their right skillsets and a breadth of perspectives they present in the boardroom. Our managers possess a range of critical skills of value to the board and are relevant to the challenges and opportunities facing the company.
As part of our company policy, we believe that our work should always be propelled by the values that have made us grow to where we are today. We build our operations around integrity, transparency and respect. We are driven by the belief that operating with the highest standards of ethics and responsibility is the only way to succeed in business in today’s world. Our commitment to legal laws, ethical operations and quality service defines how we relate with our employees, stakeholders and customers.
We recognise that for us as a company to be successful and remain relevant, we must continually create sustainable value for all parties involved. We strive to make our workplace become a second home to our employees, seek how to help our partners and distributors benefit more and create avenues through which our communities can be impacted positively by us. Our governance helps us strike the right balance in our pursuit of long-term, sustainable value creation.
We also seek ways to contribute to reduction of carbon emissions through some of our strategies. This is a major discussion between the Chairman, Board and relevant stakeholders at our Annual General Meetings.
Our Practices & Policies
  • Annual Board and committee self evaluations.
  • We do not discriminate, our work is based on mutual respect.
  • Our Audit Team reviews reports regarding compliance, fraud and risk assessment.
  • 26% of our management identify as female and 42% of our workforce are female.
  • All our staff are selected based on transparency, our HR ensures that the best people are hired for the job.
  • We are HSE complaint at all times by ensuring our field staff undergo various trainings and certifications.
  • We use different industry standard indexes to evaluate our progress weekly. monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • We have a feedback system and engage all staff pertaining to their work and discuss challenges being experienced.
  • Our remuneration system is aligned with our values, strategies and performance.
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