Deluxe™ SAE-15W/40 (CI-4)
Read about our Deluxe SAE-15W/40 (CI-4), also get access to our materials specifications and technical data sheet.
Specification: API: CI-4
Applications: Commercial Vehicles, Work Machines & Industrial Units.
Available Packs: 4 litres, 25 litres, 200 litres.

Product Description

BOVAS® Deluxe™ Extra Performance Engine Oil SAE 15W/40 (CI-4) is a premium heavy-duty diesel engine oil that can serve both turbocharged and normally aspirated engines. It is blended from premium quality virgin base oils and advanced additives that offer the best possible lubrication. It gives excellent protection against high temperature engine deposits, oil degradation, and forms a thick oil film that protects engine parts from friction and wear. It suitable for use in commercial vehicles, work machines or industrial units as well as passenger vehicles.

Features & Benefits


Super Wear Protection

Our product provides superior wear protection for engines, giving you a long lasting engine.


Excellent Corrosion Protection

Our product provides great protection against corrosion giving you long-lasting smooth performance at all times.


Cleaner Exhaust

Our product is specially formulated and engineered to make your engine release less harmful exhaust gases.


Excellent Thermal Stability

Our product provides adequate cooling that improves the life of engines plugs, valves, pistons and cylinders.


Great Oxidation Stability

Our product is engineered to reduce the effects of oxidation that can result into oil sludges.


Good Deposit Control

Our product is well formulated to prevent oil deposits that cause damage to your engine.

Product's Physical Properties

Please note: The test result shown above are average values obtained with some variability in production and do not constitute a specification.

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