10 Questions To Ask in Your Internship Interview

An internship can lead to an exciting and rewarding career. Even an unpaid internship offers valuable life experiences and professional connections that will help if you. Preparing questions you want to ask shows your keen interest and desire to want to know more about us. Asking these questions will help you decide if the internship with us is the right fit. Please enjoy this read.

1. Can you describe the company/department culture?
The environment you’ll be working in can be just as important as the job itself. Do they have a strict dress code? Do they prioritise work-life balance? If employee satisfaction is a priority, odds are greater that you’ll want to stick around.

2. What’s the biggest opportunity/challenge for the company right now?
This question shows that you’re interested in the bigger picture—and you can tie their answer to your role. If you have skills or ideas that can help address their challenges, be sure to mention them.

3. What would you like to see me accomplish in the first 30 days?
It’s important to understand the key priorities and deliverables for the role—and how your future supervisor will measure your success. If you’re doing a long-term internship, ask about what they’d like to see six months down the line.

4. What will the onboarding and training process look like?
You want to understand how quickly you’re expected to go from being a new hire to fully operational. Be sure to ask who will serve as your mentor(s) to help familiarize yourself with the office and the internship itself.

5. How will this role best serve the company?
This is a good question to ask an interviewer who works with, but not on, your future team. It shows that you care about prioritising the objectives of the entire company over just your own.

6. What resources do you provide interns to help them succeed?
Knowing what resources the company provides will help you make the best use of your time as an intern. It will also show how invested the employer is in their interns. An employer that gives you tools for success can prepare you well for the next steps in your career.

7. For successful interns, what does the progression path from intern to full-time employee look like?
This shows that you’re in this for the long term—and it will help you determine if you have a future with this company. Many internships lead to full-time jobs, and if that’s your goal, it’s great to show your interest early on. We want to know that you’re interested in working hard to earn a full-time role.

8. How do you evaluate performance for this position?
As with permanent employees, employers often check on the progress of their interns and whether they are meeting expectations. This question shows your interviewer that you want to be successful in the position and are open to feedback. Knowing how and when the employer will evaluate you will give you a better understanding of what is expected of you to achieve success.

9. Are there any concerns you have about me, my CV, or my experience?
This question is indispensable for wrapping up an interview. You’re basically asking for blunt feedback—so be prepared to get it. This is a great opportunity to address any concerns head-on while appearing confident, cool, and collected.

10. Is there anything I haven’t addressed?
You’re making sure nothing is left unsaid, and that the interviewer has everything they need to make a decision. This is the perfect question to finish with if you still have time.

Hope the tips above were helpful? For further enquiries, you can reach out to us. Thank you for reading our post. If you like this, please share.

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