Management Profile
Ayankunle Alao
Head, Public Energy Sector
Ayankunle Alao has 13 years of work experience in Bovas. He holds a National Diploma in Marketing from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree and a BSc. Public Administration from the University of Abuja. He also holds Professional certifications in Project Planning and Management. He is Interested in Reading, Badminton, Football, Creative Thinking, and Travelling.
Developed and implemented tools to measure the ROI of marketing and public relations programs.
Directed and managed execution of regional PR programs and managed external resources within served markets.
Advocates for customers and serves as the voice of customers to senior management.
Identifies and manages PR agencies and distribution partners.
Implemented several external public relations campaigns that resulted in positive relations between the Group and the public.
Researches, plans and recommends policies and programs that fall within budgets and follow administrative and government law.
Managed and evaluated special programs and projects that resulted in better positioning of the company in the industry.

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